Top Five Benefits of European Baby Formula:

Top Five Benefits of European Baby Formula:

1. Organically Sourced:

Sustainable and biodynamic farming is a common practice in Europe. The farming techniques use naturally sourced products and foods for cattle and agriculture. In Europe, farmers refrain from using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, GMO products, and modified soil. The entire eco-system here is well-maintained and balanced and follow a strict organic farming method using only natural soil additives, fertilizers, and plant foods.

Holle Baby formula, a famous German-made baby formula offers a cow-milk based formula. This company backs up their products with the organic guarantee, which means the cow milk sourced only from natural grass-fed cows free of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, and harmful chemicals.

Taking these stringent regulations of organic farming into considerations, European baby formula brands such as Holle Baby formula seem like a best organic choice.

2. Free of Additives and Sugar:

To make the baby formula sweet and thick, most American baby formula brands use sucrose and carrageenan. Both Holle and Hipp Baby formula doesn't use any such additives or sugars. Even the pediatricians here don't recommend using table sugar in baby food. However, our baby formula brands don't seem to take this into consideration while manufacturing the baby formula. However, using sucrose, carrageenan and other additives like DHA are banned in Europe. That means most European baby formulas are free of table sugar and harmful additives such as carrageenan linked to cancerous growth as per research.

3. Probiotics:

A very few American baby formula brands use probiotics as an additive. Probiotics improve gut health and digestion and promote the digestive system in babies. That's why many European formulas use probiotics to offer a balance of bacteria and improve digestion in babies.

4. Goat Milk Based Formula Options:

Goat milk-based formula varieties are easier to digest and lighter than cow-milk based formulas. Studies also claim that goat's milk is more similar to human breast milk, and hence, recommended for babies. In addition, goat milk is rich in calcium, fatty acids and nutrients beneficial for babies. Popular European baby formula brands such as Kabrita and Holle offer goat milk based formula options for three different stages of baby.

5. Non-GMO:

Due to the strict organic farming regulations and additive-free manufacturing processes, brands in Europe refrain from using GMO based products, ingredients, and additives in their products. Both Holle and HIPP baby formula brands in Europe are free from GMOs and contain only organically approved ingredients with proven health benefits. GMO based products are questionable because of their various adverse reactions on human health and the environment. This is one of the reasons why the European infant formulas are better choices than the American baby formula brands.

Top European Baby Formula Brands to Consider:

Holle Formula: This is a German-made baby formula that offers both cow-milk based and goat milk-based formulas for four stages of growing babies starting at stage 1 for newborn to six months till stage 4 from one year till weaning.

HIPP Formula: This baby formula is another popular European infant formula made from all organic ingredients and contains minimal additives. In addition to basic infant formulas for four stages, HIPP provides a number of formulas for special needs such as reflux, allergies, and gas problems. If your child has a fussy tummy, then this formula might be a great choice.